How To Avoid Trips To New Jersey Auto Shops

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Oil Change Service

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There are two main reasons why drivers in New Jersey end up planning a trip to a local garage, the service department of a dealership or to an auto mechanic. These two reasons include scheduled maintenance work on the vehicle or some type of repair service.

In reality, the maintenance and the repairs are both related issues. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations for service work including oil changes, tire rotations, air filter changes and other similar service requirements, drivers can help to reduce the chances of major unplanned repairs.

By completing routine maintenance every 5000 miles or as recommended by the automobile manufacturer, drivers have a vehicle that is more fuel efficient, performs better and has less risk of problems that may potentially leave you stranded. The good news is that there are now mobile maintenance and express lube services, meaning you do not have to go into auto shops, they send mechanics to you.

Look for Possible Issues

The older a vehicle gets, the more likely parts such as seals and hoses can deteriorate, causing leaks that can create problems for drivers. If you are avoiding auto shops and using a mobile service, look for one that provides a multipoint maintenance check.

This allows the mechanic to do a visual inspection of key areas that wear on a vehicle. With the heads up that there is a leak or a problem with a part, the vehicle owner has the opportunity to schedule a repair before the problem gets worse.

It is also important to notice issues with your vehicle as it gets more miles on the odometer. If you see signs of oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks or if the vehicle starts to misfire or have a decrease in fuel efficiency, call your mobile service company instead of auto shops. This may be a very simple issue that can easily be fixed right at your own New Jersey residence or workplace.

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