How To Get A Job In Automotive Repair In Tempe

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Automotive

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In this current economy, the automotive industry gets a bad reputation when it comes to job security. In fact, when it comes to manufacturing jobs that may be the case however, it is not the case when you consider automotive repair and its particular specializations. While the production of cars in the United States may not be lucrative at the moment, the future of automotive repair Tempe appears bright.

Holding a certificate from a program accredited by the ASE, or Automotive Service Excellence, is a step in the right direction for permanent job placement. There are certain automotive jobs that are offered with on-the-job training or apprenticeship, but having a advantage over another prospective employee by holding an ASE accreditation is advisable. When you consider that over 350,000 employees in the auto industry hold a certificate from this non-profit organization, it is an important credential to hold.

To receive accreditation in any of the specialized ASE programs for automotive repair service in Tempe, one must have on the job training as well as two years experience in the related field. Programs are developed in the automobile, truck, equipment, collision repairs and school bus operation just to name a few. The testing for such academics is rigorous and boasts only a 75% passing rate. Retesting ever five years in the particular program is expected to retain the credential.

Within these specialized areas of the different automotive repair programs, there are three distinct categories to help you prepare for the test. Alone you can get certified with the Certification test but you can also practice with the official ASE tests. Specialized areas include auto body repair and refrigerant recovery programs. There is additional testing that meets the Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Anyone familiar with the EPA knows that with their changing laws, staying current with the certification is imperative to the industry and in high demand.

With the technology in cars increasing in complexity with each new model that rolls off the industry floor, expect an increase in specialized jobs for automobiles. An expected jump of 16% in the automotive job market alone is predicted before 2016. Manufacturing jobs are in a transition time at best however, the service jobs for vehicles is on the rise. Visit for more information!

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