How to Know it is Time for Clutch Replacement in Mesa

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Auto Repair

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While there are quite a few people, who know how to drive a manual shift care, the majority of them don’t fully understand the way the clutch actually works. As a result, they leave it up to their mechanic to let them know if Clutch Replacement in Mesa is needed. However, knowing the warning signs of an issue can be quite beneficial and ensure that the problem is handled in a timely manner rather than letting it become worse and more costly to repair down the road.

One of the best ways to prevent the need for Clutch Replacement in Mesa is to have regular service for the vehicle. This will allow the mechanic to check for issues and make repairs if necessary.

The clutch works because of two rotating shafts inside the gearbox. One of these is responsible for driving the engine while the other powers a separate device. The clutch connects the two shafts, allowing them to spin simultaneously. Also, the clutch decouples the shafts, which will allow them to spin at two different speeds.

In a manual vehicle, the clutch regulates the power going to the engine and controls the transfer of the power from the engine to the wheels and transmission. Essentially, as the engine speeds up, more adjustment is necessary before the clutch is able to connect to the wheels, which allows the vehicle to move into a different gear.

As anyone can see, the clutch is essential to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle. Some warning signs that it needs to be replaced include:

• Smoke or a burning smell

• The clutch slipping during shifting

• The clutch sticks

Taking notice of these issues will allow a person to replace the clutch before the issue becomes worse. Waiting to have repairs made can result in extremely costly damage to the engine or transmission. For more information, a person can contact us and learn about the prices and options available for clutch service and repair, which is essential in keeping a vehicle running properly and smoothly year after year and mile after mile. For immediate help or advice, get in touch today.

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