How to Use a Digital Torque Wrench And Why Being a Mechanic Is Beneficial

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Auto Parts, Tools

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There are many reasons why becoming a mechanic is beneficial. Those who work as a mechanic can enjoy job stability, advancement opportunities, job variety, independence, and social interaction. Also, choosing to work as a mechanic usually means that a person goes to a vocational school or community college, which is less expensive than going to a university. They have less student loan debt. They can enter an apprenticeship where they will be paid while learning to perform the trade.

Those who are attending classes for automotive technology are going to learn how to use an electronic torque wrench. They will typically need a torque wrench certification. It is not wise to use a torque wrench if you know little about the tool or have little experience in the automotive industry.

Here are the basic steps that are needed to properly torque a bolt to the correct specifications. You will need an electronic torque wrench and the owner’s manual. You should press the unit button on the wrench. The options you will be able to choose from include angle, Newton meters, inch pounds, and foot pounds. Use the owner’s manual to determine which unit to use.

Press the plus or minus button to set the torque wrench. Make sure you are handling the wrench properly. Your hand should be at the center of it. When you begin to tighten the bolt, the wrench will light up. Depending on the brand you have, the wrench will chime, vibrate, or turn red or green.

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