Independent Used Car and Used SUV Dealers

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Used car

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While many people may look at a used car lot and see only similarities, there are many differences and hidden treasures. New car dealerships sometimes have used cars stowed away, but they are different than the average used car lot. New-car dealerships are franchise based, which means they can be held responsible for their sales practices and must stay in contact with the car maker. They can make sure used cars get repairs when needed, while independent car lots don’t have the same guarantees. Many independent car yards are essentially car storage lot with a small building that contracts can be quickly written up in. There are major differences regarding cars sold by new car-dealers as opposed to independent sales lots.

Independent car lots and Used SUV Dealers have benefits such as lower-priced cars, but new dealers won’t sell these vehicles because they are older. The director of the Independent Automobile Dealers Association of California agrees that customers get better choices and price ranges at used car lots, but the vehicle inventory isn’t necessarily up to date. Independent car dealers have vehicles to match the needs of the residents in the area it services. Many of these owners stock their car lots by shopping for vehicles at discount rates from auctions and private sales. Now that the difference between used and professional car lots is clear, learn about a few different subcategories.

Used car superstores and Used SUV Dealers, such as Heritage Motors Corporate Center are not connected with new car dealership, but they have a wide inventory of used cars. As opposed to small car lots, these do not generally compromise on sales prices, but warranties are longer. Specialty used-car lots are targeted at selling a certain brand or type of vehicle, usually their inventory is full of a specific model such as German cars. Others cater to a certain type of clientele, such as those that are more affluent. The prices at these lots isn’t lower, but they have a larger variety of cars. Consignment used car lots market cars for private parties or local owners that don’t want to handle sales themselves. Due to the fact that there’s a middle man involved in the sales process, the prices may be increased. Looking for a used car requires a lot of work and negotiating on the customer’s part. You can follow them on Google+.

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