Let Excellent Auto Engine Repair Charlotte NC Help Avoid Future Problems

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Auto Repair

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The engine in an automobile is composed of various moving components like the crankshaft that pushes the pistons up and down or the valves that control the intake of fuel and the exhaust of burnt gases. The timing on all of these components can be critical because the spark plug doesn’t need to fire unless the cylinder has been filled with fuel and that fuel is properly compressed. One step out of sequence could cause the engine to misfire. The solution to these concerns is Auto Engine Repair Charlotte NC. This way, the repair is handled by an expert and the vehicle owner doesn’t have to attempt any repairs they may not be qualified for.

One area that can cause serious problems is the coolant system, especially if the engine is a four cylinder. Small, four cylinder engines often run at a higher RPM which means they tend to run hot as well. To offset some of that heat, the block and head are made from aluminum. The rest is handled by channeling a liquid coolant through the engine, radiator and various hoses. Leaks in this system can occur for various reasons, usually related to the expansion of the cooling system.

The engine coolant is already under pressure as it gets pumped through the system. Add to this pressure any expansion caused by the liquid rapidly heating and the stress quickly grows. If any hoses have a weak spot, then they could rupture under all of this pressure. It is never a good idea to avoid small repairs such as this because they could cause the vehicle to need immediate Auto Engine Repair Charlotte NC when they fail. An overheated engine could blow a head gasket, crack the cylinder head or bust the block.

Every engine will fail eventually, but it is possible to avoid some failures with a bit of routine maintenance. Visual inspection of certain items such as belts and hoses can often determine if they are close to failure. It may also be useful to have a mechanic check the vehicle for signs of failure. Just be careful, if the mechanic is untrustworthy, then they may pad their claims in an attempt to get extra work. Spending a little time talking with the mechanic or shop personnel and checking out their credentials may help when making a decision. Contact M B V European Ltd for more information.

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