Mechanics Who Do Auto Repair in Tulsa Diagnose and Repair Problems Signaled by the “Check Engine” Light

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Auto Repair

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Passenger vehicles have a “check engine” light indicating when something is wrong. Unfortunately, it’s usually impossible to know what the problem is just from the appearance of the light unless the owner knows the car has a chronic issue. For instance, an older vehicle may have perpetual problems with a loose gas cap, an issue which has been diagnosed by technicians at an Auto Repair Tulsa garage. This can happen even with a brand new cover if the vehicle has been driven hundreds of thousands of miles. The threads on the fuel port simply have become slightly worn over the years, and that occasionally results in the light turning on. The sensor notices a bit of extra oxygen in the system. Taking the cap off, putting it back and turning it several times often fixes the problem.

If the cap is old, the car owner may figure it’s pointless to get a different one from an Auto Repair in Tulsa shop. After all, he or she knows why that light comes on. However, the light eventually may be trying to alert the owner of a different, more serious problem. A car with this many miles probably is many years old too. “Check engine” lights in older models typically were basic enough to simply show an image of the motor in an orange hue. That doesn’t provide much information. The light being on most or all of the time can be nerve-wracking, so ordering a new, affordable component is the best decision.

Many engine repairs are relatively easy to perform. The light may come on because of worn spark plugs and wires, for example. The catalytic converter, oxygen sensor or a fuel injector may be malfunctioning; these are bigger projects. One of the components that’s essential for the motor to run may be failing, which could cause an abrupt breakdown on the highway. Newer vehicle models have upgraded alert systems that either change the “check engine” light to red or make it start to flash on and off when immediate attention is warranted. A garage such as Tate Boys Tire & Service provides diagnostic service and repair work, making the engine function properly again. Please click here to learn more.

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