Noises Under the Hood Cannot be Good!

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Auto Parts

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You love your car and have been driving it for years! It’s your baby and you take great care of it. But one day on your way to work, you hear a new and unique sound coming from under the hood. What could it be? Why did it start? And how do you make it stop? None of us wants to hear a strange sound from under the hood, but it happens. One day the vehicle is running fine, the engine is purring like a kitten – the next day it sounds like someone is playing a practical joke on you. Ignoring it and hoping it will go away may seem like the easiest thing to do, but a minor issue that could have been fixed in a few minutes at a trusted car repair shop in Aurora can quickly turn into a major mechanical failure if ignored.

Know Which Sounds are Bad

While no new sound from under the hood is good, some are worse than others. Listening for the issue and making a note of it can help the car repair shop in Aurora easily pinpoint the problem and get it fixed fast.

•  Sharp whistles, chirps, or high pitched whines. Easily heard when you start the engine, the sound may last for a short time or continue throughout the day as you drive your vehicle. Usually caused by a loose or misaligned belt of some sort, this is one of the more minor issues.
•  Slapping, light thumping or flapping. This may be related to your fan, which could also be accompanied by the belt whistle as well. If not fixed promptly, fan issues can turn into much larger headaches over time and can even be the cause of damage to other areas of the engine.
•  Grinding sounds and a strange odor. This could be due to a leak in the oil line, or a blockage somewhere in the system. When oil cannot protect the gears it is made to protect, grinding may be heard. An overheating or burning smell can also be noticed at times.

Getting it Fixed, Fast!

You know you have a problem, but aren’t sure what it could be. Time to turn to the experts! At BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision center, you have access to auto technicians with all the fancy tools and diagnostic systems. They can give your vehicle a listen, hook it up to their computers, and find out exactly where the problem lies so you can get it fixed and be back on the road without that strange sound from under the hood.

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