Questions Answered About Transmission Shift Kits

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Automobile

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Are you curious about whether you should consider installing a transmission shift kit? Transmission shift kits are made to prevent the oil flow issues that can be common in the transmission’s valve body. What that means is that you can expect to experience less slippage and shift overlap while feeling a firmer shift when you use the clutch. Many people have questions about shift kits, and we wanted to make sure you have the information you need.

Smoother Shifts Every Single Time

Everyone who drives a car with a manual transmission wants to have fluid, simple shifting. You also likely are interested in a transmission that has excellent fuel economy, but that isn’t going to break down in a short amount of time. One of the most common options for accomplishing this is with transmission shift kits. While not everyone knows how to explain what they want, this is the best option out there. It modifies the shift timing of your transmission while ensuring a higher level of durability and a firmer shift when you drive your car.

Why Shift Kits Are Needed

The reason that shift kits have become popular is likely because many automobile manufacturers make the mistake of allowing a huge amount of shift overlap. That means that you can be in two completely different gears at the same time. This is intended to make shifting smoother and easier. However, it is also why you get a disconnected feeling when you shift on these vehicles. Shifting is smooth, but there is less durability and efficiency because your friction surfaces are constantly working. This leads to excess heat, which can cause issues with your clutch and its seals.

What Shift Kits Offer

With transmission shift kits, the overlap time can be reduced fairly easily which will also give a more genuine shifting action. The energy that would turn into heat is instead used to offer forward motion and faster shifts. This leads to a better level of fuel economy when driving on city roads. Many people appreciate this and are willing to work with quick shift patterns for better fuel economy and durability.

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