Quick Hacks for Road-Tripping with Family in a Kia around Rio Rancho

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Car Dealer

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Traveling is fun when you don’t have to think about others. But when you are going with kids, it’s a different story. They’re cute and cheerful, but they can also be mischievous and have little patience. A peaceful drive can quickly turn chaotic when the tantrums kick in. This is why road-tripping with your family in a Kia around Rio Rancho requires more meticulous preparation. Do the following life hacks for a stress-free family getaway.

A kid-friendly itinerary

When you become a parent, it will quickly dawn on you that life is not just about you anymore. In fact, it will all be about your kids. Even when planning a vacation, you should always consider what will make them happy or entertained. Especially when choosing places to visit, expect kid-friendly attractions, such as recreational parks and zoos, to dominate your list. Save the playhouses and wineries for next time.

“I want to sit in the front seat!”

Sibling rivalry is every parent’s nightmare during a long trip. Kids will fight over just about anything. For example, the seating arrangement in your car may mean nothing to you, but to your kids, it’s a big deal. They feel their status in the family hierarchy threatened whenever they get the short end of the stick. They want to sit in the front seat because it makes them feel important. Also, they enjoy seeing their rival trapped in the worst seat–or at least, this is how some kids think. As the parent, consider switching seats at every stop to prevent this absurdity from ruining your trip.

First aid kit and car sickness meds

Children are prone to car sickness, especially when traveling nonstop in your Kia around Rio Rancho for several hours. Thankfully, there are anti-car-sickness medicines they can take. But before buying any over-the-counter tablets, it is best to consult with your pediatrician first. Prescribed meds are your safest option. Also, they work best when taken at least an hour before traveling.

Keep the little rascals busy

There are only two situations where kids behave well: when they’re asleep and when they’re busy. Of course, you can’t expect them to sleep throughout the entire journey. They’ll be awake most of the time, and that’s when they can get restless and irritable. Giving them a phone or tablet to play with might work, but only for an hour or two. So, you should load up on several alternatives, such as playing cards and puzzle pads. A portable Lego kit may also be a great idea, but be ready to deal with clutter afterward.

Give your car a tune-up

Here comes the most crucial part—car tune-up. If you haven’t maintained your vehicle recently, this is the best time to do it. Check for worn-out belts, spark plugs, and filters and replace them if necessary. Get all-terrain tires if you plan to travel off the road and camp in the wilderness. And bring spare tires, too. It’s even better if you bring an extra amount of anything essential, including food, water, fuel, and batteries.

Road trips make extraordinary memories, especially when you’re with your kids. Don’t let a few setbacks ruin it. Make all the necessary preparations, and your journey will go smoothly. If you want to ensure your car will be in perfect shape for the long ride, consider taking it for professional servicing. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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