RAM Dealers in Deming, NM List Ways to Celebrate Car Care Month

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Auto

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Car maintenance is something you should do regularly to ensure your vehicle always runs at peak performance. But for some reason or other, many motorists all over the country agreed that April should be the National Car Care Month. Giving your car extra TLC is not a bad thing after all. It extends your car’s useful life and allows you to enjoy smoother and safer travels. RAM dealers in Deming, NM offer tips on how you should take care of your vehicle.

Check if you need new spark plugs.

Unlike other car components, spark plugs are quite durable and don’t need to be replaced often. Cleaning it from time to time may do the trick but when the time comes that you need new ones, better not delay. The rule of thumb is to get new spark plugs when your car reaches 30,000 miles. Some car models have spark plugs that last longer, so it is best to check the manufacturer’s manual before unscrewing anything. RAM dealers in Deming, NM also advise you to carefully reach into the engine to get the spark plugs because you might accidentally break obstructions.

Check belts and hoses for wear and tear.

If you ever disassemble your car, you’ll see that it consists of different kinds of belts and hoses. There’s a belt in the engine that turns the camshaft through the crankshaft. There’s another one right next to the alternator, which helps power the air conditioning compressor and power steering pump. The hoses are usually for conveying fluids, such as coolant and they crisscross the undercarriage of your vehicle. All of these parts deteriorate fast and should be replaced right away when they’ve sustained significant wear.

Your air filters may already be past their prime.

Even though your engine is safely hemmed in under the hood, foreign objects such as bugs, pollen, and dust can still enter it through the grill. That’s why air filters are placed in between to block them out. Over time, these filters become clogged with contaminants that clean air can no longer pass through. This is indicated by black smoke puffing out of the engine. That’s a telltale sign that your car needs new air filters.

RAM dealers in Deming, NM suggest you check the oxygen sensor too.

Your car’s performance and efficiency are determined by how much energy is produced when fuel is burned. And to burn fuel, you need to feed oxygen into the system. An optimum air-to-fuel ratio results in the best combustion efficiency. You can tell if your engine is achieving this ration by measuring the amount of oxygen escaping through the exhaust. That’s what the oxygen sensor is for. If you neglect this extremely vital component of your vehicle, you won’t know if you are maximizing your fuel, and inefficient combustion may also cause extensive damage to your engine.

Taking car maintenance a bit seriously by participating in this annual celebration is a worthwhile activity. Not only does it help preserve your vehicle, but you also learn new things about your vehicle that can be useful in times of emergency. If you are interested to learn more about the best way to take care of your car, just check out Viva CDJRF.

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