Ready to Work? The RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS Can Do It For You

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Car Dealership

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When it comes to having a truck that can really handle the ups and downs of work, the RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS, can handle it all. This pickup truck is a top performer for providing a hard working setup. Take a closer look at how much work it can do for you.

Take a Look at the 2021 Model

The 2021 RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS, can provide you with a wide range of features. Of course, as a 2500 vehicle, it has a powerful engine. In this year’s line up that means one of several options, including a 6.4-L V8 engine or a 6.7-L V6 diesel vehicle. These engines produce between 370 and 410 horsepower. They also feature either six and eight speed transmissions.

One of the key features of this vehicle is the towing capacity, which is best in class overall. This truck can tow between 10,350 and 15,040 pounds. That is ample towing for virtually any need. With three body styles to choose from, including the regular cab, crew cab, and mega cab, this truck has everything you need to work hard without breaking a sweat.

The RAM 2500 in Wichita, KS, can provide for a lot of your needs. Take a closer look at what it means to have one of these on the job for you. To see all it can do for you, visit a local dealership and take one out for a test drive.

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