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by | Nov 24, 2012 | Automotive

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One of the most important parts of your vehicle’s operating system is the exhaust. The main function of your exhaust is is to keep harmful gases from entering the interior of your vehicle. It also helps reduce the noise your engine makes. Ensuring your exhaust is working properly is essential to your health and the environment. That’s why if your exhaust is not working properly, you need to get exhaust repair in Colorado Springs, CO. There are several parts of the exhaust system. The manifold, the exhaust pipe, the catalytic converter, muffler and tailpipe. Everything works together to keep your exhaust from producing and releasing harmful chemicals into the environment and to the inside of your car. The manifold collects the harmful gases and puts them through the catalytic converter. This converts the harmful gases to less harmful gases and they are released through the tail pipe. Your car muffler helps reduce the loud noise that your engine makes.

Things can go wrong with your exhaust and it’s important to watch for the signs so you can get it into exhaust repair in Colorado Springs CO right away. If you start to hear a clunking or rattling noise coming from the undercarriage of the car, that is a good indication that there something is broken in your exhaust system. If your engine is making a loud noise, you could be having muffler problems. If you hear a whistling sound from the tailpipe, this could mean the tailpipe is the problem.

It’s also important to use your sense of smell to tell if your exhaust is having problems. If you smell exhaust in your car, there could be a leak that is allowing gases to enter into the interior of your car. If there is a break in the exhaust system, you might also smell something acidic. This likely means the noxious emissions are entering the car. Not only can you hear and smell problems with your exhaust, you can spot them with your own eyes too. Look for cracks or rust in the tail pipe or muffler. Watch for exhaust coming out of other parts of the car other than the tail pipe. This is most certainly a sign of a leak. If you spot problems with your exhaust, it’s important to get your car into exhaust repair in Colorado Springs, CO sooner than later. It’s important to take care of exhaust problems before they harm you and the environment. Find a trusted mechanic or auto repair shop in your area to handle the repair.

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