Services Offered at the Auto Repair Shop in Beaverton

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Automotive

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Any resident needing an Auto Repair Shop Beaverton area can stop by to have their car fixed up. The shop offers many services that customers can enjoy. Whether they need simple repairs, oil changes, or anything of that nature, it can all be done at Du Fresne’s Auto Repair.

Types of Services
Du Fresne’s is an approved repair shop. This means they are capable of handling all kinds of repairs and services. Anyone with issues with their vehicle can have it taken care of at this shop.

Basics Every car needs an oil change after a certain amount of miles. Once those miles are up, it’s time to get a change. Residents can bring their car to an auto shop to have their oil changed if they don’t know how to do it themselves. Perhaps the vehicle simply needs a tune-up or some basic work. This can easily be done as well.

New Parts
A vehicle may need new parts. For example, it may simply need new tires put on, or new brake pads. A repair shop will install the new ones to replace the old. The same goes for alternators, shocks, batteries, clutches, joints, pumps, belts, and any other parts that can be replaced to make the vehicle run better.

Diagnostic Services
Any diagnostic services that a customer needs done for their car can be performed as well. This includes checking the overall drive-ability, ensuring the electrical units are working properly, checking that the steering wheel turns and the brakes work, and ensuring the check engine light is not on. If it is, the engine needs to be checked. Any issue that could be wrong with the car internally needs to be looked at to ensure the car is in good working condition and safe to drive.

The Auto Repair Shop Beaverton residents go to will be able to handle and each and every one of their vehicle needs. Ensuring that the car is working properly and running efficiently is the repair shop’s job, and it will be done to the best of their ability. Oil changes will be made. Engines will be checked. New tires will be put on. All kinds of services are offered, and they will all be taken care of in a timely manner, at an affordable price.

Auto Repair Shop Beaverton

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