Signs That a Car Needs Automotive Brake Repair Services in Arnold MD

by | May 15, 2020 | Auto Repair

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If one hears a grinding or screeching sound, it’s likely not coming from the radio; it could indicate that the brakes are failing. Below are some tips on detection and understanding of brake failure, which can allow a driver to get done brake repair in Arnold MD before they stop functioning completely.

How Brakes Work

Unless one is a professional bodybuilder, the amount of force created when the brakes are tapped isn’t enough to stop the vehicle. Pressing on the brake pedal starts a chain of events, and the level of pressure determines how much each tire needs to brake. Fluid is sent to the braking system, allowing the mechanism to apply force in the appropriate way. The hydraulic components of the braking system multiply the force, pushing the brake pads onto the rotors and creating the heat and friction that finally stops the car.

Why Brakes Quit Working

When an automobile’s brakes create insufficient friction, they fail. It can happen for a variety of reasons overheating, oil leaks, or simple wear can all play a role. Below are some warning signs of brake failure.

  • An illuminated ABS light could signify an electrical or wiring issue.
  • Squealing or grinding may indicate that the pads are excessively worn. Clicking sounds are a sign of a broken retaining spring, and pulsating sounds are usually a sign of a warped rotor or drum.
  • Excess drag during acceleration could be a sign of rust buildup on the emergency brakes.
  • Pulling to either side could happen if the brakes are frozen, out of alignment, or if hydraulic fluid is leaking onto the shoes or pads.
  • An increased stopping distance could point to the need for new linings, an adjustment, or a new brake booster.
  • A spongy brake pedal could signify the presence of air in the brake lines. A repair technician can bleed the brakes, releasing the trapped air.

Each of these symptoms is a sign of a much bigger issue. If a driver notices any of these problems, they should take the car to car care for an inspection as soon as possible.

Preventing Brake Problems

The simplest way to prevent brake failure is through properly doing brake repair in Arnold MD. The car’s owner’s manual should list the recommended brake service interval. However, if problems surface before then, the driver should bring it in for service right away. Visit Business Name for more information.

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