Specials That Will Save Money On Your Next Vehicle

by | May 4, 2018 | Auto Repair

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We all know the magic word “specials” but when it comes to your Ford dealer in West Chicago, you may wonder what type of savings to look for. If you’re buying food, you know to look for coupons on those items or check out everyday price drops while you’re grocery shopping, but shopping for a new or used Ford isn’t an everyday thing. You can buy a car when you can afford to buy one, and that’s not everyday or even every year. What specials do you need to look out for then?

Types of savings

The types of savings you benefit from are all neatly tucked away in the “specials” section and take on various types.

Manufacturer offers

These offers are directly from the manufacturer of the vehicle, Ford itself. Your Ford dealer in West Chicago will keep these posted on the site so that you are aware of the deals as they come in.

Pre-owned specials

These specials are for certified and regular pre-owned vehicles that are up for sale at Hawk Ford. There are regular, daily offers on these and you can choose which ones to take advantage of by mentioning them to your dealer.

Finance specials

We all love these because we know that they’re going to help us save in an ongoing way whenever we make a payment on our vehicle. This means that you might get very low interest rates at the beginning, or you can take advantage of zero down on a new or used vehicle that you’ve had your eye on.

Each one of these types of specials is available from Hawk Ford, a premier Ford dealer in West Chicago. If you’re in the West Chicago area, stop by and see us any time. Visit us for more details.

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