Test Drive Tips: Plan a Route to See What a Potential Vehicle Can Do

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Auto

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You are looking at new cars for sale in Gurnee, IL, and that is good. One major step while searching for your new vehicle is taking a test drive because it will tell you everything you need to know about the automobile. The problem is many people do not take the time to plan out a route for the drive.

Why Is Planning Out a Route Important?

The reality is many salespeople have a test drive route planned, and it is sometimes chosen for a reason.

The route may have no obstacles or road conditions that could stress the vehicle, giving you a performance that is close to perfect. This could hide issues and not allow you to fully evaluate the vehicle’s performance. You can choose a route with a few obstacles to test out different road conditions.

What to Consider When Planning a Route

When looking for new cars for sale in Gurnee, IL, be sure to choose a good dealership, and then drive around the dealership until you find a route that allows you to test out the vehicle. The following are some things you should include in your route:

Broken Pavement

It is important that you drive on uneven pavement. This allows you to feel how the vehicle handles vibrations. You should even go over speed bumps to truly test the car’s suspension response. Of course, do this slowly so as to not damage the vehicle. It may be a good idea to test more than one automobile so that you can see the difference.

Winding Roads

Another thing you want to add to your route is a winding road. Here, you are going to test the vehicle’s ability to respond to your commands. Feel how smooth and precise the car is. Try to make sure the road is relatively long so that you have a good idea of the automobile’s performance capabilities.

High-Speed Roads

Vehicle performance is not only about how quickly it can respond to curves; you should also make sure you experience the car at high speeds, so see how it responds on the freeway. Pay attention to how fast it accelerates and responds to braking commands.

Talk to the dealership before you plan your route. You may come across a few dealerships that don’t allow you to do this. You may not be able to drive in all these conditions, but shoot for at least a few

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