The Basics of Repairing Auto Glass

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Automotive

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At some point, every vehicle gets a broken windshield. This usually happens due to a small rock hitting the glass at high speeds. Some roads and freeways are not maintained properly, and contain these tiny projectiles along the surface. When a vehicle tires goes over them when traveling, it can kick up the particle and eject towards the vehicle in the rear. There is practically no way to avoid getting hit by a pebble. However, there is a solution once your windshield gets hit. You can call an auto glass Chicago company to help you replace your windshield with a brand new one.

Dealing With Chips

It’s rare for a windshield to totally shatter upon the first impact. Auto glass has safety features that prevent the glass from shattering when hit. Thus, when a pane is damaged, it will create a small chip in the area of impact. This chip will become more elongated as time goes on due to the vibrations in the vehicle. If auto glass is not repaired right away, it can turn into a long crack that reaches from one end of the windshield to the other. This is a dangerous condition to have on your vehicle because the glass can collapse at any time. If your vehicle has a serious crack such as this, get help from auto glass Chicago right away.

Early Fixes

Small chips can be repaired without replacing the entire piece of glass. A technician can use a special syringe tool to perform the process. Air is extracted from the caverns in the chip, and a special glue is pushed into the space. This helps to prevent the crack from expanding even further. Although this process can be repaired at home, it is much better to have it done by a certified technician. If not done correctly, the glass is likely to continue to separate.

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