The Benefits Of Leasing A New Car

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Automotive

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In years past, leasing was a way to acquire a car that was most often used by corporations and luxury car buyers. This is no longer the case Volvo leases in Schaumburg are available to everyone and applies to every segment of the industry, from high end luxury SUVs to mid size family sedans. As new car process keep going up, more and more people are looking to lease.

When you lease a new car, you don’t own it, there is no need to borrow money to buy it. Leasing gives you an alternative way to get behind the wheel of a new car, leasing also allows you to drive a more expensive and more luxurious car than you might be able to comfortably afford.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of leasing a car:

Leasing is somewhat like financing the purchase of a new car, but there are significant differences. When you buy a car the loan value starts with the vehicle cost, minus the value of your trade-in and the amount of your down payment. Alternatively, when you lease you are really financing the depreciation that occurs during the term of the lease. Once the lease period is up, usually three years, you simply turn the vehicle in and if you wish, start again.

If you have the ability to put down a substantial amount and your trade-in is valuable, perhaps buying a new car is the better move, otherwise Volvo leases in Schaumburg may be to your advantage as the monthly lease will be less than the monthly car payment.

Car leasing is a great way to predict your cost of “ownership.” The usual lease period is about the same as a new car warranty so you are always covered in the event of major repairs. When you lease you will always be able to enjoy the best in new hi-tech options and you are not faced with having to sell it or trade it for a good price.

Volvo leases in Schaumburg give you the best of both worlds, a brand new luxury car at an affordable price. To discuss lease details you are invited to visit McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington.

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