The History of Mercedes Benz Wheels

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Automotive

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Mercedes Benz has created a name for itself that represents the most luxury and the most value. It is the most well-known automobile brand stretching throughout the entire world, and it is known for its high standards in manufacturing. From its engine to the wheels, Mercedes Benz has a history of building quality cars that are made to last.

It all began with Karl Benz, who became the father of the first passenger car. Benz was a mechanic who later became a builder. He worked in the steam and gas engines business prior to perfecting the internal combustion engine. He was successful in the development of the two-cycle engine. In fact, Benz’s first car was a three-wheeled vehicle powered by Otto’s single-cylinder internal combustion engine. Benz went on to develop other automobile accessories like gearboxes, wheels, steering and carburetors. Later, his assistants went on to build their own line of cars, now called Porsche. Benz became the world’s largest car factory for its time, with 603 cars sold. It was during a time of crisis that Benz merged with a company called Daimler.

Gottlieb Daimler built his first car in the same year that Benz did. He has also made improvements on the Otto engine and built the first two-wheeled car, which we know as the motorcycle. Daimler started several engine factories in various countries and delivered engines to many manufacturers. By 1926, the Daimler and Benz companies merged.

Emil Jellinek is another important name in the history of the development of the Benz. He was a racecar driver who at one time purchased 36 cars from Daimler and had them improved to his racing specifications. His racing name was Mr. Mercedes, chosen for his daughter. At the time, this purchase was about 25% of Daimler’s total production. Jellinek later sold the cars under the patented name of Mercedes. In 1905, the Daimler engine became known as the Mercedes. When Daimler/Mercedes and Benz merged, the logo was changed to what we recognize today, and the name Mercedes Benz was birthed. The Mercedes Benz three-pointed star is the symbol of Daimler and represents the idea that his engines would rule in the air and on the ground. The top point of the star represents the air, and the two lower points represent the water and the land.

Mercedes Benz vehicles have always ranked highly in passenger cars for prestige and reliability. The Mercedes Benz center cap wheels come with the same history of quality standards able to withstand the high levels of power and made with a high-quality and long-lasting design.

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