Things to Know About Getting an Auto Transmission Rebuild in Arizona

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Auto Repair

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Depending on the problem, automatic transmission repair can be a relatively minor and inexpensive project. Sometimes, however, symptoms lead to a diagnosis that will be pricey to resolve. Customers of an automotive garage may have the option of an auto transmission rebuild in Arizona if there is no other way to get the equipment back into good working order.

Common Symptoms of Major Problems

Common Signs that a major problem has developed is a transmission that slips while shifting or hesitates longer and longer before shifting into a gear. These can become hazardous issues while on the road. The car may not be able to move when the light turns green. It may not be able to get up a steep hill. In other situations, the issue is not a road hazard but a distinct inconvenience. Not being able to shift into reverse to move out of a parking space is an example.

Labor-Intensive Work

When a mechanic performs an auto transmission rebuild in Arizona, this person removes the equipment from the vehicle and then replaces damaged parts. Repair work may be possible on some components, but just the work of removing the transmission and putting it back in place is labor intensive.

Price Considerations

Only a new engine is more expensive than a new automatic transmission when it comes to the need for replacement. Vehicle owners generally do not want to pay the high price of a brand new transmission, especially because automobiles usually have more than 100,000 miles when serious transmission problems develop. The nature of the problem determines whether rebuilding the existing transmission is reasonable, or whether the customer should opt for having a different rebuilt or remanufactured transmission installed. Remanufacturing is the same process, but it is completed at a factory.

Specialized Skills

Not every garage provides automatic transmission rebuilding service because the work is highly skilled and specialized. The vehicle owner must find a garage like Business Name, where the mechanics are experienced in these types of projects. Once the work begins, the customer can typically expect to have the vehicle back within two to four days. Click here to get started.

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