Things to Think About When Buying Car Insurance

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Car Insurance

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Even if you have been driving and have had car insurance for years, attempting to understand all the available options can be a dizzying experience. There are many things to take into consideration when you buy auto insurance in St. Augustine. Prior to either making your first application for auto insurance or renewing a policy that you have had for years, there are certain things to consider that can save you a significant amount of money on the premium. The key to saving premium money is shopping around, once you have more or less determined what coverage you want or need, the premiums that are offered for the coverage can vary substantially. This is something you should seriously consider as a way of saving a lot of money.

The way to determine what you need is to start with what you need; the bare minimum that is demanded by your state. The bare minimum insurance cover will make you legal and you are free to drive but in the event of an incident you may find yourself wanting; this brings you to the second decision, deciding what cover you really want, not just need.

The minimum insurance cover that is demanded by every state is a form of liability insurance. Over and above the minimum the driver can opt for collision insurance and comprehensive coverage. These two policies will cover you and your vehicle from just about every conceivable event; if a tree falls on your car; don’t worry, you’re covered. There is also coverage to protect you in the event you are in an incident involving an uninsured driver or a driver with minimum cover. There are policies that provide medial cover and liability cover which is far in excess of the mandated minimum amounts, this insurance is recommended as the basic cover is very low.

If the car still has a lien on it, odds are the finance company will demand that the car have full collision and comprehensive cover, this way, if the car is a total wreck or stolen and never recovered, it will be replaced with a vehicle of equal value.

The holders of auto insurance in St. Augustine must pay particular attention to what are called “riders” that are imposed on the policy; a good example would be that only aftermarket parts can be used for repairs and not original parts. When you are shopping for any insurance pay attention to the other insurances that you carry; if you are purchasing car insurance and you have plenty of insurance against a personal injury, it would not make sense to over insure by having duplicate coverage.

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