Tips For Tending To Your Range Rover Wheels and Rohana Rims

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Automotive

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If you own a Range Rover, you’re likely one of two people: those who seek adventure or those who really need a reliable SUV for their business or work. And why not? Range Rovers are powerful and well-built machines that are built to last. But as with all things, Range Rovers are only as strong as their weakest link. In this case, that is often going to be the Range Rover wheels. As strongly built as most wheels are, they still are—in essence—inflated rubber that can get punctured and even wear out over time.

Rims make the perfect complement for your Range Rover wheels. Rims lessen the amount of wheel well-space that is taken up by the vulnerable tire rubber, replacing it with far stronger rim chrome. This not only is a protective measure, it also looks good, particularly on a large-wheeled vehicle such as the Range Rover. Even better, the replacement of your stock Range Rover wheels with those supported by Rohana Rims confer a more efficient turning ability on your trusty Range Rover. This will help enhance the overall safety of your vehicle as well.

With that in mind, there are a few things you can do to keep your Range Rover wheels in tip-top shape, extending their service life and maximizing your investment in them:

Keep them clean. It sounds simple enough but most people neglect this most basic maintenance step. Keeping your wheels and their rims clean all the time not only looks good, but it also allows you to constantly monitor their physical state. Clean tires will reveal any rocks and gravel that may be stuck within the tire treads that can damage them over time. Clean rims will reveal any rust or scratch damage over time.

Get them tested. This is not a constant thing, about once a month or less will suffice. You want the tire tested for proper pressure, for proper tread wear and tear, and even for tears that might have eluded a visual inspection. For the rims, your primary concern is stress fractures. These miniscule cracks tend to appear several years into your rims’ service life—sooner if you’re a particularly active driver—and can be dangerous as they might lead to fast break downs while driving.

Don’t be too overconfident. Rohana Rims are of the best quality, and are built to last; but that’s no excuse to get too overconfident and start driving like a maniac. Everything has a breaking point and wild behavior only exacerbates things. It’s ok to have fun once in a while, but do it within the boundaries of the law, or else you’d break even the toughest of rims.

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