What Auto Parts Are You Looking To Use?

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Automobile

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If a major component on your car fails, perhaps the engine or transmission, your mechanic is probably going to ask you what parts do you want used during the repair; rebuilt parts, remanufactured parts or used parts.

The price differences between the three choices can be quite significant. Prior to your making a decision it may be helpful if you know how the solutions differ and under the circumstances, which of them is best for you.

    *      Rebuilt parts: If you opt for rebuilt auto parts in Chicago the mechanic will use the old parts and replace only the components that have worn out or failed. For example; perhaps during an engine overhaul the mechanic finds that the crankshaft bearings and the piston rings need replacing. He will do this but the original pistons and the original crankshaft will be reused.  This saves a considerable amount of money over replacing everything.

*      Remanufactured parts: Remanufactured parts are those, that for all intents and purposes, are as good as a new part, they have been remanufactured to the same specification as the original part and in some cases they are even better.

If the decision is made to replace the engine in your car with a remanufactured engine it will have been restored to the original spec by machining or installing inserts that bring the mechanical tolerances back to factory standard. Regardless, the engine will meet the original standards of tolerances, durability and quality. When an engine is remanufactured new pistons, rings, bearings, connecting rods, camshaft, oil pump etc are used. The heads are rebuilt using new valves and guides, all original tolerances are met. In the majority of cases what is used from the original engine is the block and the heads.

   *      Used parts: Used auto parts in Chicago certainly have their place when repairing a vehicle, however, considerable care must be exercised when buying them and it is not a good idea to use used parts for everything.

Pay particular attention to the salvage yard, if you see nothing but old, out of date cars then you are in the wrong place. A respectable salvage yard will have taken useable parts from salvaged cars and keep them stored out of the weather.

Used auto parts are ideal if the part was not subjected to considerable wear and tear or the part does not play a role in the safety of the vehicle. A used starter motor is fine, used brake pads are not.

For many people the decision will be based on what they have in mind for the vehicle. If the plan is to keep it for a considerable length of time then rebuilt or remanufactured parts are the better choice. If you just want the car to limp through until the end of the year and then replace it, used parts are ideal.

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