When Your Brakes Are Having Issues

by | May 6, 2013 | Automotive

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Your brakes are, arguably, the most important part of your working car. Sure, there are parts in your engine that are very, very important for your car to properly run, without proper brakes you won’t be able to stop, which, as you know, is a very important part of driving. Driving around with brake issues is kind of like swimming in a river with alligators: you may get lucky, but you know you are dealing with a situation where you are putting yourself in danger. At the very least, ignoring issues with your brakes will cause damage to your brake pads and make the fix that much more expensive; in the worst case scenario, your brakes may go out as you drive, causing a very serious accident. With this in mind, when you are having issues with your brakes you need to visit a Brake Repair Technician Forest Park as soon as you can.

Not all issues that occur with the brakes are serious, nor are they particularly expensive to fix. If anything, you are playing the “better safe than sorry” game when it comes to braking issues, as they are vitally important to your driving safety experience. The main issue that people have isn’t that their brakes go out on a windy highway, as the movies would make you think, but instead that their braking distance increases, meaning that in addition to a nasty squeak when they brake, they come to a full stop after 15 feet instead of the normal 10 feet. While that may not seem like a big deal, when it comes to a crosswalk or a bicycle that juts out in front of you, it is vital to have as close of a stop as possible.

Typically a Brake Repair Technician Forest Park can take care of any issue that you are having quickly and easily. Most of the time you just need new brake pads or fluid. Other times, though, it could be a problem that is a bit more worrisome. This is why you never want to take the brake light coming on on your dashboard with a grain of sand, nor do you want to ignore that squeaking noise you are hearing.


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