Which MHT Wheels are the Best?

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Auto Parts

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If you are thinking about upgrading your rims, MHT Luxury Wheels has some excellent selections. But which MHT Wheels do you choose? MHT Luxury Alloys creates several brands and each one has something a little different to offer. Let’s take a closer look at the six brands of wheels.

Fuel Wheels

MHT Wheels provides Fuel Off Road Wheels. They are specifically made for people who love to take their four wheelers off the road and into exciting adventures. If you plan to do a lot of off roading, Fuel Wheels are an excellent choice because this is what they were made for. They offer one piece and two piece designs and you can buy forged wheels and even some great looking wheels for your dual axle truck. In addition, Fuel also makes special tires for getting around in the mud.

Rotoform Wheels

Whether you drive a Porche or a standard sedan, your car will look impressive with these luxury rims from MHT Wheels. They not only make one piece forged wheels but also offer three piece forged wheels. Rotoform Wheels are made from ultra strong 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. Each wheel is customized to the specific vehicle you drive. You’ll find some of the most impressive and distinctive designs in the aftermarket rim industry.

Foose Wheels

Foose offers a number of different options to the modern day car owner. If you want the strength of forged wheels, you can choose one, two, or three piece designs. One and two piece cast rims are also available. In addition, Foose makes a special series for trucks and a series known as the Rat Pack.

Dub Wheels

If you like custom gold aftermarket rims, you should check out what Dub has to offer. In fact, you can choose from a large variety of custom finish combinations. The customizing options are almost unlimited.

US Mag Wheels

Have you heard about the “Mag Wheel” craze of the 60s and 70s? Well, it’s coming back strong. Imagine Mag Wheels on your vintage Chevy truck or Corvette. Mag Wheels provide some excellent selections including Vintage Forged and Resto Mod. Of course, their Pro Touring rims will look good on just about any car.

Niche Wheels

Niche from MHT Wheels offers some excellent selections in aftermarket rims. You can buy their Sports, Touring, and Racing series rims for your favorite sports car. They also make a three piece forged and ultra light Monotec series. Their Track series rims come with bolted or welded two piece construction, and if you are thinking about performance, Niche is a good choice.

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