The Types of Auto Glass Cracks that Can Be Repaired

When people get a crack in their windshield, the first thing they tend to do is to call a windshield chip repair in Minneapolis, MN. Most people assume that nearly any type of crack can be repaired, but this is not necessarily true. Some windshield cracks are far too serious to be eligible for a repair, especially in cases where the structural integrity of the glass may be in question.

The first way to determine whether a crack in the windshield glass can be repaired is to get a rough measurement of the broken glass. If the crack is a long line, a measurement of two or three inches usually means that it is possible to repair the damage. Even though the line in the glass will remain, a windshield chip repair technician can drill an extremely small hole at the end of the line. The hole will be filled with a clear resin that stops the crack from spreading. For any line in the glass that is longer than two or three inches, a replacement of the windshield is typically required.

If the windshield damage is a small circle that looks like a bull’s eye, the repair is often quite simple for a windshield chip repair professional in Minneapolis, MN. At sitename , they can do it quickly. The repair is typically done by injecting a glass resin at the point of impact, which is normally in the center of the bull’s eye. A bull’s eye crack that is around two inches or less in diameter may be easily repaired using this resin injection technique. However, any larger crack that has multiple sections of broken glass inside the bull’s eye is unlikely to be repairable with this technique. If there are too many sections of glass involved in any break, the strength of the glass may be at risk. For this reason, it is safer to go with a whole windshield replacement when the glass is broken this way.

If a windshield or another auto glass has multiple small cracks in it, the eligibility for repair depends upon the placement of the cracks. Even with multiple small cracks, a windshield can often be repaired, as long as the cracks are not in the driver’s direct vision. This is a safety matter, so it is always best to opt for replacement when anyone’s safety could be at risk.

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