Women Are Becoming a Significant Share of the Market for Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Authorized Retailers

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Some product manufacturers use online surveys to determine consumer preferences. Harley Davidson uses this strategy, but company management also likes to have representatives talk with a variety of attendees at motorcycle rallies. Owners of these bikes tend to feel passionate about the brand, and that includes bike owners who actually work for the company. They might look forward to new features when they shop for Harley Davidson motorcycles in Pittsburgh over the next several years.

One product expected to appear by the year 2021 is an all-electric Harley. That announcement may have been surprising to people who think of these bikes regarding their high-powered, patented sound characteristics. Consumers are increasingly interested in fuel alternatives, however, and the time is right for the electric motorcycle. The company carefully gauged sentiment from current and prospective Harley owners before making the decision.

This strategy has served Harley Davidson well in the past. For instance, discussion among company representatives and women at motorcycle rallies resulted in the decision to manufacture bikes geared more toward women. Recognizing that women are becoming motorcycle owners in ever greater numbers was important. Realizing that most women were choosing other brands made it clear that new manufacturing and marketing strategies were essential. An example of a relevant feature is a lower seat height than the norm for various models, since women are shorter than men on average. Since Harley began creating bikes that effectively answered female preferences, the company has taken the lead in market share for this population segment.

Women can buy these Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Pittsburgh and at stores throughout the country. It should be noted that the company is happy to customize various features to guarantee satisfaction. Interestingly, although many female riders choose lighter bikes, heavyweight Harley models have proved to be popular among these customers. However, they often need adjustments of features that are better suited for men. There also are plenty of apparel and gear options designed by the company for their female customers. Bikes, accessories and other items can be purchased at a store such as Z & M Harley Davidson. Contact us and start shopping.

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