3 Signs a Vehicle May Need Automotive Engine Repair Service in White Bear Lake, MN

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Auto Repair

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Modern vehicles provide years of reliable service and rarely require major mechanical repairs. There are times, however, when manufacturer issues and old age can leave a car unusable and require automotive engine repair service in White Bear Lake MN. A shop that provides dedicated service on imported vehicles is the best choice when disaster strikes and can ensure a vehicle is back on the road and safe in no time. The following are just a few of the many issues that warrant the expertise of a qualified automotive mechanic.

Check Engine Light

The first indicator that trouble may be lurking around the corner is a check engine light. While it may be impossible for the driver to determine what the cause of the warning light may be, a qualified mechanic will be able to run a diagnostic check and pinpoint the exact malfunction. This can make the repair quicker to complete and save hundreds of dollars when compared to paying an hourly rate for a technician to troubleshoot the cause of the problem.

Rough Idle and Starter Issues

Another indicator of mechanical issues is an engine that won’t idle or does not start easily. While it could be something as simple as an old battery or a clogged fuel filter, it could also be a malfunction with one of the engine’s internal components. Be sure to seek Automotive Engine Repair Service in White Bear Lake MN anytime a car is not running as intended to stave off future repairs.

Transmission Problems

A transmission automatically switches gears as a vehicle’s speed changes, making the driving experience smooth and comfortable for the driver. If a transmission is shifting poorly or is stuck in gear and won’t change, it is important to disable the vehicle immediately and have the transmission inspected. Not addressing these issues could lead to further mechanical problems and result in exorbitant repair costs.

Ignoring issues with a vehicle’s engine components may result in major problems and leave a driver stranded. Avoid these concerns completely by having any issues examined at the first sign of trouble. It will not only make the vehicle more dependable but could save lots of money over delaying service. Contact American Imports to learn more about their repair services and tackle any automotive issues once and for all.

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