Detecting Problems with Truck AC Condensers in Illinois

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Automotive

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When it is hot outside, sitting in a hot truck can make your day miserable and long. While most problems with an air conditioning system can be easily repaired, it is important to know the signs when something is going wrong. Here are some signs that your truck has a bad condenser.

Cooling Ability Reduced

One of the first signs of a condenser problem is the air conditioner not cooling as it should. After the refrigerant passes through the AC system, it moves through the condenser and the heat is released into the atmosphere. If the refrigerant is still warm when it returns through the system, this indicates a problem, and the condenser needs to be replaced by a mechanic experienced in working on AC condensers in Illinois.

Another problem causing inefficient cooling is a dirty or blocked condenser. While AC condensers can be cleaned by flushing them, it doesn’t always work. However, replacing Illinois AC condensers in trucks can be expensive, so an experienced mechanic can help decide whether to flush or replace the condenser.

Condenser Unit Leaks

A damaged or an old condenser may start to leak, which releases the refrigerant from the unit and prevents the AC system from putting out cool air. Detecting a leak can be difficult to do and requires help from an experienced mechanic. However, if there is obvious damage to the condenser or one of its connections, then it should be replaced by someone experienced in working on AC condensers in trucks.

Condensers can be expensive to replace, but to keep the truck’s air conditioning working efficiently, they should be replaced for the comfort of your drivers. If they try operating the AC units with dirty or leaking condensers, it can cause other expensive complications with your company’s trucks.

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