The Best Car Service in New Haven

Your vehicle must be regularly serviced to operate at its highest efficiency. As a young teenager, your parents may have told you to regularly check your oil and air pressure. Now, as an adult, it can be difficult to remember to service your vehicle when you are busy with work, a family of your own, and a social life. The best car service in New Haven, such as Dave McDermott Chevrolet, will send reminders of your upcoming appointments. They will add stickers to your windshield that tells you when your next oil change is due. They understand you have invested your money into a vehicle you depend on for transportation and want to help you keep it operating efficiently on the road.

The Services

The best mechanic shop that offers auto service in New Haven will

• Assess, diagnose, repair
• Check brake lines and rotors
• Offer tire rotation
• Change oil
• Clean air filters
• Repair air conditioning

However, many mechanic shops do not offer specialty services such as detailing and bodywork. Generally, only a body shop offers this type of car service in New Haven. The best mechanic shops offer all these services in one place.

Plan to Wait

It takes time to inspect, assess, and diagnose your vehicle. Once the mechanic determines the issue, they will tell you what work needs to be done and what parts are needed to repair your vehicle. It may be a lot faster to diagnose your vehicle than fix it. The best auto repair shops will order the parts as soon as you “ok” the work. It can take days to weeks for a part to arrive. A mechanic shop is not in control of part delivery. You will want to plan alternative transportation accordingly with the wait time.

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