Auto Heating Services in Columbia MO Fix and Replace Malfunctioning Heater Cores

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Auto Repair

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Many people have the misconception that the heat coming through vents in their vehicles is sent directly from the hot engine. That seems to explain why it takes time for the heater to work on an extremely cold day. This isn’t how the system works, however, which may be discovered one day when Auto Heating Services in Columbia MO are needed to fix or replace a component known as the heater core.

The Heater Core

The heater core is like a miniature radiator close to or inside the cabin of a vehicle. Coolant from the main radiator circulates through the heater core, and it’s able to warm the interior of the vehicle as the coolant gets hot. A motor operates a fan that blows the heat into the vehicle.


These components can eventually wear out. One of the more worrisome types of malfunctions is when the heater core springs a leak, sending coolant into the inside of the car and out the bottom. The windshield starts to fog up and there’s a strange smell. That fog develops because of the hot coolant steaming up the glass.

Sometimes the problem is not severe and the vehicle owner doesn’t understand why the radiator keeps losing a little fluid. If the leak becomes bad enough, the engine’s radiator will quickly be drained of fluid and the vehicle will start to overheat.

A leaking heater core must be replaced. This is a relatively expensive project. A vehicle owner who wants to save up the money for the work can have a mechanic create a bypass of the component so coolant no longer runs through it. The automobile heater will no longer work until the part is replaced at a garage such as Auto Tech Of Columbia LLC.


Another problem occurs when the component becomes clogged and no heat is sent to the cabin of the vehicle. Auto Heating Services in Columbia MO typically can flush out the heater core in this case so that it works properly again. If the part is very old, however, the mechanics may suggest replacing it to reduce the risk of a leak and a breakdown. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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