Reasons To Consider a Water Hose Protector For Your RV

To have the best possible RV experience, the last thing you want to lose is your access to water. It might be an ill-fitting connection between the hose and the source that soaks the ground, and gets your RV stuck in mud, or even ice. Or maybe it saturates the inside of your RV. If a hose becomes dirty or contaminated, it’s surprisingly easy for things to go wrong with your water line. However, some of these issues can just as easily be prevented with an RV water hose protector.

This short, reinforced extension connects between your hose and either your RV, or the faucet itself, and is a great way to avoid a potentially disastrous kink in the line. A kinked hose can make it easy to build up pressure in the line, and causes stress and damage to the hose over time. Especially, as a hose ages and begins to become brittle or break down from harsh sunlight or freezing temperatures, it becomes easier and easier for a kink to become a crack in the hose line, ruining the hose and the rest of your vacation.

A water hose protector is an inexpensive little bit of insurance to prevent a hose from kinking, and therefore extending the life of your hose. However, it’s important to seek out ones especially made for use in RV fresh water lines, as some others may not be compatible with RV water hoses, or made to the same strict sanitation guidelines. While it’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean and inspect equipment before hooking it up, it’s especially a good idea to do so when it comes to dealing with something as important as a water line in an RV. Purchasing a water hose protector from an RV supplier can help ensure that you are getting the correct equipment for the job.

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