What to Look for in Used Tires and Wheels in Saltillo, MS

The price of buying new high-quality tires can be quite high. Sometimes it is even cost-prohibitive. Thankfully there are plenty of tire repair shops out there that deal in used tires & wheels in Saltillo MS, but buyers should be careful only to do business with a reputable shop. Buying a used tire that isn’t in the best shape can lead to an immediate need for yet another replacement tire in just hundreds of miles, so it’s important to check the quality of the tire prior to purchase. Below are a few basic things to look for to avoid getting scammed.

Quality of the Tread

Look at the tread and see if it is worn down. A little bit of wear is to be expected, but it should be worn evenly across the surface of the tire. A lot of wear, particularly in the form of bald spots, means it’s not worth the money even at what seems like the right price.

Cracks in the Sidewall

There’s more than just tread to consider. Old tires begin to degrade. As they do, cracks in the sidewall begin to appear. These cracks should be a red flag. Unlike a puncture in the tread, cracks in the sidewall cannot be repaired once they begin to leak, and can lead to blowouts. Look for separation as well and dry rot. It should be fairly obvious if any of these signs of serious degradation are present.

Tire is More Than Six Years Old

There is a four-digit number on every tire that indicates when it was made. The first two digits represent the week, and the last two the year. If the final two digits show that it is more than six years old, the tire is not even worth inspecting. Tires just aren’t meant to last forever.

With appropriate attention to detail and a little bit of experience it’s easy to find Used Tires and Wheels in Saltillo MS. Those who don’t have the time and knowledge to check out many tires should absolutely ensure that they are buying from a reputable shop. Schedule an appointment today with a tire expert who can help customers find what they need and drive away safe and happy.

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