Proper Clutch Usage to Prolong the Lifespan

For anyone who drives a manual transmission vehicle, you have a clutch. If you’ve had a manual for any amount of time, you may be aware that clutches can quickly wear out if they aren’t treated properly. Since a clutch can cost a decent amount, it’s no surprise that you would want to ensure you treat yours in a way that ensures a long lifespan. So, before you get a shiny new component from one of the stainless steel plate manufacturers out there, we wanted to share how to keep your clutch running for a good long time.

Take Your Foot Off the Clutch

Maybe you already know this, but if not, you do not want to keep your foot on the clutch at all times. Even if you are applying only a minimal amount of pressure with your foot, it leads to wear and strain on the entire clutch assembly. Unless you are pressing that clutch all the way down, your foot should not be touching it. This can be a hard habit for many to break, but it’s also one of the best ways to avoid unneeded wear on the clutch assembly.

Stop in a Steady Manner

If you’re coming to a stoplight, the best plan is to steadily and slowly get ready for stopping. Shift down if you need to but be aware that traffic could keep flowing and leave you with no need to stop entirely. If you take it slow and steady, this can help keep your clutch from slipping and ensure your engine idles more smoother.

On Uphill Starts Use Minimally

So you’re parked on an incline and ready to take off. If you are in the habit of holding the clutch down and rolling while you wait for the gear to engage, that can put wear and strain on your gearbox and clutch. Instead of doing this, use your parking brake to hold the car where it is while you engage your clutch, and the vehicle is put into gear.

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