Dirty Truck Fleet? A Mobile Truck Washing Service in Fort Worth, TX Can Clean It Quickly

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Automobile

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Heavy equipment and trucks work in dirty environments. Therefore they can quickly look old and worn, when in reality they are new and well-maintained. Companies always want to make a good impression on current and future customers. Therefore they hire a mobile truck washing Fort Worth TX company to quickly clean their trucks and equipment on a regular basis. Since 1978 many Texas businesses have relied on the Clean-Tex Truck Washing Company to perform this function. The company has many kinds of power washers, works around the clock to accommodate their client’s schedule and has competitive cleaning rates.

They invest in the cleaning equipment and maintaining it. This allows the businesses that hire them to focus or their core functions. Many clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have a large variety of heavy equipment and trucks that need to function 24 hours a day without fail. They also have to be clean and polished so that people trust that their businesses are well-run. Cleaning a large fleet can create a lot of run-off with harsh cleaning solutions. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency has established strict guidelines for managing this water. A professional Mobile Truck Washing Fort Worth TX has to stay on top of these regulations and any changes that are made. It’s one more reason that it’s hard for companies to clean a large fleet.

When equipment is kept clean it is much easier to spot problems such as oil leaks. This enables mechanics to fix problems when they are small. That means that the equipment will last much longer and run better. They will also use less oil and other fluids.

After 35 years in business the Clean-Tex Mobile Truck Washing business is known for working with small companies are well as large ones. Their company representatives always coordinate with clients to make sure that every piece of equipment is cleaned on schedule. They also follow up with customers to make sure that they are satisfied with the quality of the cleaning. The company is pleased to work with very small companies as well as the largest in the region. Every customer regardless of size receives the same quality cleaning service.

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