Get That Vehicle Running Properly With Professional Car Engine Repair Service in Wamego KS

by | May 16, 2017 | Automotive

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There are many important systems in the automobile including the brakes that cause the vehicle to stop and the transmission that transfers power to the wheels. However, without the engine to provide the raw horsepower, the vehicle is useless. Engine problems cover a lot of things. Some of them are external such as the alternator that provides electricity. Others are an addition to the engine like most water pump used to circulate the coolant. When these systems wear out and fail it is time to visit a professional car engine repair service in Wamego KS.

Some car engine failures are related to other problems. For instance, a crack in the cylinder head or a blown head gasket are usually the result of excessive heat and the extreme pressure from the compression stroke. The heat could be caused by water pump failure, ruptured hoses or a damaged radiator leaking out all the coolant. Without coolant, the engine heats up very quickly and that heat can have some very nasty side effects. These problems will need to be repaired as well as the engine fault itself. Replacing the cylinder head or head gasket can be a tough job and the complexity of the repair is based on the engine type. One reason for this is that the valves are located in the cylinder head.

Car Engine Repair Service in Wamego KS can also include things such as a tuneup, cleaning the injectors and replacing any damaged vacuum hoses. Automobiles use vacuum for various purposes. For example, some power brake systems use a vacuum to boost brake pressure so the driver does not need to apply too much force. A broken vacuum hose can adversely affect the engine and too many broken hoses may shut it down completely.

One of the things that the internal combustion engine requires is air. Air mixes with the gasoline during the intake cycle so the fuel burns correctly. A dirty air filter can impede engine performance and lower efficiency. Another thing that most modern engines require is a balance in pressure. This is handled by a PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. A dirty valve can stick and affect the way the engine performs. Luckily, this is normally a simple repair because the PCV valve is usually placed in an engine valve cover. Click here to learn more about engine repairs from the experts.

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