Maintenance on a Manual Transmission Car

by | May 23, 2017 | Automotive

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A manual transmission car can be a great vehicle to take on the open road. You feel in control as you cruise for miles. Beware, though—once you rack up those miles you are starting to put wear and tear on your vehicle. Do you know how to maintain your manual car so you can keep riding for years to come? Here are a few tips to keep your vehicle in top shape.

Visual Inspection
About every month, you should check for any wear and tear under your hood. Wiggle wires and bolts to ensure nothing is loose and there are no holes in any tubing or wires that will cause leaks. If you do spot a worn down piece, there are numerous transmission parts suppliers you can find and contact to meet your needs.

In addition, inspect for any rust or dirt. Clean off any debris that you see. This could get inside the engine or transmission system and cause blockage.

Check Fluids
Check your fluids on a regular basis. Manual transmission fluid can be changed by you or at a reputable garage. If you notice the fluid levels are decreasing at a fast rate, there may be a leak somewhere. Make sure you thoroughly inspect if this is the case.

Also, check the oils in the car. Transmission cars use motor oil and gear oil. You need to make sure the oils are relatively clear and debris free. If not, change the oil as soon as you can. The oils help to lubricate and prevent corrosion, important in car part maintenance.

Exterior Maintenance
Exterior maintenance is just as important as the maintenance under the hood. Make sure you keep your car clean.  A car wash every few weeks will keep your car looking great. Enjoy keeping your car in mint condition!

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