Here’s a Concept Sweeping Chicago: Used Windshield Glass for Less

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Automobile

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When you find that you need windshield replacement in Chicago, you assume that it will cost a lot and that you will have to have new glass installed. Yet, what if you could install used glass instead? It is entirely possible to use used glass for windshield replacement on Chicago vehicles. There are also some helpful tips on the do s and don ts of a windshield crack.

The DoS and DonTs of a Windshield Crack

First and foremost, never try to repair a crack yourself. You do not understand how glass behaves, and the DIY kits aren’t meant to hold cracked glass together forever. Do take your vehicle to a shop where the windshield can be repaired properly or replaced if the crack is really serious. If you are concerned about cost, take your vehicle to a shop that actually reuses repurposed windshields from vehicles that have been salvaged. This glass is still in one piece, even though it is taken from a vehicle that is beyond repair. Using used glass will save you a ton of money over the cost of installing new glass.

Don’t ever try to press on the crack, fracture the window further, or try to fill the crack with super glue. None of these will work, and you will just end up with a huge mess for your efforts. A professional auto glass repair technician knows exactly how to fix a crack and when a crack is beyond fixing. Contact Frank’s Auto Glass today to learn more.

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