Work With Professionals When Storing a Collector Car in Chicago

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Automobile

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Car collectors do all they can to protect their precious investments. If you are going on an extended trip or temporarily relocating, working with professionals who provide collector car storage in Chicago is beneficial. These individuals will be in the best position to ensure that your valued vehicles are taken care of while you are away.

Talk with professionals who offer collector car storage in Chicago before bringing your vehicle to the garage to be stored for an extended amount of time. They will provide detailed instructions on how you can prepare your vehicle to prevent rust and other damage while your collector vehicles are not in use.

These professionals may encourage you to fill up the tank of the collector vehicle that will be stored. This can prevent the fuel tank from rusting. Leaving the tank half-full or empty means moisture and air can enter the tank and cause it to rust. The best way to combat that issue is to fill it up before the car is stored.

Another tip that may be provided by professionals is to connect the battery of the vehicle to a battery maintainer. This will keep it fresh and ensure that it doesn’t drain and die when it is not in use.

You may also consider plugging the exhaust outlet, wrapping the wiper blades, changing oil, and protecting the engine cylinders.

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