How to Conduct an Inspection of RV Brakes in Groton

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Auto Parts Store

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The time will come when RV Brakes in Groton need to be inspected. Recreational vehicles are designed for long trips rather than short ones. Thus drivers need to make certain every part of the vehicle is working as intended. The easiest way to ensure this is the case is to inspect the RV brakes a minimum of once a year, more often if the vehicle is used frequently. What steps need to be taken during the brake inspection?

First and foremost, the RV needs to be on the level ground before the Brakes in Groton are inspected. The RV will need to be raised up and blocked properly, with the tires entirely off of the ground. Jack stands need to be appropriately sized for the vehicle, and no weight should be resting on the jack. Many individuals choose to inspect the brakes on one side before moving on to the other.

Check the brakes for worn brake shoe linings. When the lining is down to a sixteenth of an inch or less, the shoes need to be replaced. The same is true if the brake shoes are cracked or gouged, have become saturated with oil or grease or if the lining is no longer attached to the shoe.

Next check the magnet arm to see if it has any worn or loose parts. See if the mounting, adjuster or short return springs are deformed in any way and look to see if the brake lever or arm is binding or rubbing. Be sure to check the armature plate also to see if it has grooves resulting from damaged or worn magnets.

Examine the drum surface for heavy scoring and/or excessive wear. Wear marks in excess of 0.020 inches are a sign the drum surface needs to be turned. The same is true if the drum is out of the round 0.015 inches or more.

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