How To Know When You Need Brake Repair In Mokena

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Automotive

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Every driver’s worst nightmare starts out with faulty brakes. They might not be a part of your car that you think about frequently, but when they fail, it can quickly turn into an urgent situation. One way to ensure that your brakes stay functioning as long as possible is to bring your vehicle in for maintenance the moment you notice something wrong with your brakes. For many drivers, however, it can be difficult to tell what is a brake related issue and what isn’t. Here’s how to know when you need brake repair in Mokena, before it becomes an emergency.

Your Call Pulls To One Side

If you find that your car seems to lean to the left or the right when you apply the brakes, it is definitely time to take your car in for repair. This is a sign that there is uneven wear and tear on your brakes; that one side is fading fast while the other still has some measure of responsiveness. In cases like these, a simple adjustment is needed to your brakes, and you will be able to return to the roads, safely.

Inconsistent Or Declining Responsiveness

It’s important to get to know your car when everything is running smoothly, to help you determine when something is starting to go wrong. When it comes to your brakes, you should know how responsive they are when they are functioning correctly. In some cases your brakes may be incredibly responsive, stopping your car almost immediately with very little pressure. In other cases, your brakes may be slower to respond, but are still able to stop your car safely when on the road. Get to know how responsive your brakes are normally, and if you notice that they are not responding the same way they used to, or if the response is inconsistent, take your car to a repair shop to have them examined. Your pads may be starting to wear or your brake fluid may be leaking.

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