How to Protect Your Auto Glass From Damage Throughout the Year in Chicago

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Auto

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A damaged windshield can cost a great deal to replace especially when you raise your deductible to save money on your monthly insurance premiums. However, you can reduce the chances that you’ll need replacement auto glass in Chicago by taking better care of your existing windows. These tips will help you keep your windshield in better condition for longer.

Don’t Tailgate

One of the biggest reasons a windshield breaks is because another car or truck kicks up gravel that hits the following vehicle. You can avoid falling prey to this situation by staying farther behind the preceding vehicle. By the time a stone or other debris does reach your windshield, it will have lost the force necessary to penetrate the glass on your vehicle.

Avoid Using Corrosive Cleaners

The auto glass in Chicago is engineered to stand up against harsh weather conditions and external forces that would break other types of glass. However, corrosive chemicals can damage the coating on a windshield, making it less durable under roadway conditions. To avoid this situation, you should only use a window cleaner that has been specially designed for use on auto glass. Alternatively, a mix of vinegar and water can also be used safely.

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Whenever possible, you should park your vehicle in a climate-controlled garage or a covered parking garage. If using a garage isn’t possible, try to park in the shade in the summer. Extreme heat or extreme cold will cause the glass to expand and contract, increasing the risk that higher pressure will cause cracks. Additionally, avoid turning the heat or AC on full blast as soon as you get into the vehicle. A gradual temperature increase will be better for your windshield.

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