Things To Consider Before You Call A 24 Hour Towing Service

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Towing Services

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Whether you have experienced a vehicle breakdown or you have been involved in an accident which has disabled your vehicle you will need to arrange towing. If the reason for the service involves an accident, you may not have much of a say in what company performs the service; in many cases it is the emergency service dispatcher that dispatches the tow truck based on information relayed from the scene.

There are other scenarios, however where you do have a choice of which towing service to call. If you have been in an accident only involving yourself, you suffer from a breakdown or slide off the side of the road, then arranging for towing can be less of a problem if you have conducted a little preliminary research on the companies in your area.

Reputation: Those companies involved in 24 hour towing service in San Antonio TX serve a local area; as a result, to grow the business they must have a good reputation. Call around; look for a professional tow service that prices the service reasonably and is 24/7 available. When you contact Pantusa Towing via their web site your towing service is just a click away.

Take a photo: There are few people these days that do not have a camera equipped smartphone. Before the tow truck arrives it is a good idea to take a few pictures of your car’s condition. Although the best towing services have the proper equipment to move your car, in the event there is an unexpected problem or damages, the pictures will come in handy when discussing compensation.

Insurance, auto clubs and discounts: Depending on the situation your insurance company may take responsibility for paying the towing company. If you are a member of one of the many roadside assistance programs the same is true. The best towing companies are happy to extend discounts to members of the military, law enforcement personnel and retirees.

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