How to Use an Online Service to Find a Parking Garage in Seattle

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Parking

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There are many online parking services that make it easier to find a parking spot in or near your preferred location. Of course, you may be wondering how to use those online services. The following steps can help you use an online service to find a parking garage in Seattle.

Create an Account

Start by creating an account with the online parking service. You may be able to look for parking without an account, but it is better to create an account for location and confirmation purposes. It is usually free and only takes a few minutes to create an account.

Start Your Search

The next step is to use the search function to find a parking spot in your preferred location. Most online services allow you to search by destination, exact address or nearby landmark. This way, you can find parking in the area you have in mind.

Reserve Your Parking

Your search results can be filtered by nearest or cheapest and hourly or monthly parking spots. Once you find an available parking spot that meets your needs, you can reserve it for a specific date and time.

Bring Your Confirmation

You should receive a confirmation in your email or text message after you reserve your parking spot. It is best to keep that confirmation with you in case there are any problems when you arrive at the garage.

Once you are ready to use an online service to find a parking garage in Seattle, consider Park Seattle. You can find more information on this parking service by checking out

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