Learning About Stroke Muffler Repacking and Its Benefits

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Auto Parts Store

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Many 2-stroke dirt bike riders are put off by the loud sound of their bikes, and for those around them the noise may also be a deterrent when it comes to enjoying a race. For an instant reduction in sound, as well as overall improvement of performance, muffler repacking is something any dirt bike rider should consider. Not only is it a simple do-it-yourself project to get done, but it’s also quite affordable as well!

Baffles or Packing?

Some riders opt for baffles on their dirt bikes, but for the majority stroke muffler repacking is the way to go. The packing material is normally made of high temperature fiberglass weave, sometimes with ceramic dust infused in as well. Many supply shops sell packing material in just the right amount for your bike, and with a little know-how installation should not take you very long at all. Additionally, if you are a competitive dirt biker, having multiple spare mufflers already pre-packed is the best way to go to ensure your bike is race ready at all times.

An Increase in Performance

While some people claim there is no performance improvement, studies have shown a 2 horsepower increase is possible on properly repacked mufflers. You will notice a 1k increase in rpms as well, which directly translate to a higher performance output for competitive riders. Since the packing material is also able to redirect and absorb heat, it will help keep exhaust fumes high which helps move them through your engine more efficiently. This added increase in performance may be unimportant for casual or recreational riders, but for those looking for a competitive edge that does not violate race rules this could be the perfect answer.

A Reduction in Noise

While repacking will not eliminate the loud muffler sound completely, it will reduce it and change the pitch quite a bit. Normally, the higher buzzing or tinny sound of the muffler can seem to bore right into your ears and give you a headache over time, but with a proper repacking the pitch will change to a much lower drone which is audibly more appealing and easier to withstand over the long term or when racing on an indoor circuit with many other riders. In the end, each person may have their own opinion of muffler repacking and its benefits so it’s up to you to do the research and decide if it’s the right choice for your own personal bike.

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