New Vs. Used Roll Off Trucks for Sale

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Automobile

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Making the decision to purchase a roll off truck to begin with, or add to an existing fleet, requires consideration in various areas. Along with the size of truck you are going to need, you will also need to determine if you will be looking at used roll off trucks for sale, or whether brand-new is the way to go. For most purchasers, the main factor which will decide the course of action is simply price.

Factors Worth Considering

Just like purchasing a car for personal use, there is a significant difference in the price between used roll off trucks for sale and making a purchase straight from the factory. Purchasing a brand-new model can easily run to more than $100,000, while a model ten years older can be less than half the price. For businesses which are just starting, this difference can actually make or break their bottom line.

Used trucks have all the advantages of new, minus the large price tag. They perform the same functions for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few reasons to browse the selection of tried and true vehicles over ordering directly from a dealer:

Proven Performance: When a used vehicle is purchased, you have the ability to speak to an actual user in order to gain an insider’s knowledge of exactly how the machinery operates. Little mechanical quirks which are not detrimental to the day-to-day operations can easily be communicated. You will also get accurate information on other important factors as well, such as fuel consumption. Although brand-new vehicles are expected to be perfect in every way, product recalls can and do happen.

Maintenance: With maintenance records being required by law, you will easily be able to see the work which has been performed on the vehicle. This gives you as the buyer a way to judge the quality of the vehicle based on the repairs that have been needed in the past, meaning you are not going in blind. After a careful perusal of the logbooks, you will also be able to determine with reasonable certainty where you can expect to have problems in the near future. For example, if the maintenance log shows a recent overhaul of the entire engine being done, there is less of a chance you will have any problems with the engine for quite some time.

Brand Variety: If there is a particular manufacturer’s brand that you are interested in purchasing, turning in the direction of used roll off trucks for sale may allow you greater flexibility. While your business may be unable to absorb the cost of a specific truck brand-new, it may well be able to afford the used version.

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