2 Things to Do When Planning a Special Date to Visit Navy Pier in Chicago

Are you in the process of planning a special day out with your other half to create unforgettable memories that will be remembered for many years to come? Have you decided to take them to Navy Pier to fill the date with excitement and thrills but are wondering how you can ensure everything will go as planned? If so, then here are two things you should reserve to help ensure the best experience possible.


One of the top things you should do first is to make a reservation at one of the most popular restaurants located at Navy Pier. Reserving a table beforehand will provide you and your date with a seamless way to take a seat to enjoy your favorite culinary dishes without having to wait in line.


Another important thing to do next is to reserve a parking space for your vehicle. Reserving and paying for parking ahead of time will not only help ensure you stay within your budget but will also prevent you from wasting time.

The Best Parking App on the Market

Perhaps you have already made dining reservations and are now searching for the best rates to park at a Navy Pier parking garage. They offer some of the cheapest parking rates and can help you reserve a parking spot for your next special day out at Navy Pier. So, when searching for the best parking app to use to find the best rates to park at a Navy Pier parking garage, ParkChirp is the app to visit.

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