Safety Check List for Boat Trailer Parts in Wisconsin

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Vehicles

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It is important to have the right boat Trailer parts in Wisconsin, especially if one is planning to tow a boat to the water. The tire is one of the major trailer parts, so it is important to check the boat tire for safety.

The following checklist will help determine the tire safety.

Testing the Tire Tread Depth

To keep a person safe on the road it is important to test the tire tread. Take a Lincoln penny head down and place it on the thread. The top of Lincoln’s head should not be seen. If you do, then you need to replace the boat trailer tire.

Trailer Side Walls

You can also gain a lot of pertinent information by looking at the trailer tire’s side walls. Everything that is important to know about a boat tire can be found on the side wall. The trailer tire should have an ST rating which stands for “special trailer.” It can also say “for trailer service only,” which means that the tire is designed for a trailer. There are some tires that will say both. If it doesn’t say either one, then that would mean that the tire is not meant for a trailer.

Keep in mind, the trailer tires are very different from auto tires, and that auto tires cannot be used on a trailer. A trailer tire has a much thicker sidewall and dissipates heat better than an auto tire. The boat tire side wall can also provide the recommended PSI or pound per square inch for inflation purposes. It is wise to check the tire inflation by using a tire pressure gauge to make sure the pressure is good.

The side wall can also tell you the load range. They go from load range A which is the lightest, to load Range E which is the heaviest. This range can indicate how many pounds that one tire can carry safely. It is recommended that loads should be 10 percent lighter.

Another thing that should be the check on a boat tire is the valve stem. Give the value stem a push to the right and then to the left. If no air is escaping, then it’s good and ready to go.

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