Why a Timely Auto Water Pump Replacement in Kahului Matters

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Vehicles

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Most car owners do not give the water pumps in their vehicles much thought. The fact is that if the pump is starting to go bad, it will have a direct impact on the engine and the general operation of the car or truck. Here are some of the reasons why taking the car in for an auto water pump replacement in Kahului is not something to put off.

Cooling the Engine

The main function of the water pump is to circulate coolant and water through the engine. This helps to prevent the engine from overheating during operation. While a certain amount of heat helps the engine to work more efficiently, too much of a good thing will lead to serious issues. Without proper circulation, the engine will overheat and possibly lock up. There is even the possibility of cracking the engine block. If either of these issues should occur, the car owner can expect to spend a great deal of money for repairs.

Avoiding Breakdowns

When most of the water and coolant mixture has escaped, there will not be enough left to keep the engine at a safe temperature. Think of what would happen if the engine shut down while the car owner was driving along a busy highway. In addition to being stranded in a less-than-safe area, there is the matter of being late to work while waiting for a tow truck to arrive. At the first sign of any leak, it makes sense to get the car to a repair shop as quickly as possible.

Breakdowns without Leaks

While leaks are the more common type of water pump problem, it is possible for the pump to fail without triggering a leak. For example, the pump contains what is known as an impeller. This device is equipped with blades that help to push the water through the system, much in the way the blades on a box fan push air into a room. If the blades wear down or break, the water flow is adversely affected. When the engine seems to heat up quickly, take the car to the shop immediately. The problem could be the need for a new water pump.

For help with any type of automotive issues, contact SR Discount Tire & Automotive Services today. The problem will soon be identified and the Auto Water Pump Replacement in Kahului can get underway.

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